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Tell Their Story.

By A J McAleer OAM


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Fifty years after they served Australia in the Vietnam War, sixteen veterans of that conflict who live in the Yarra Valley sat down with the Mt Evelyn RSL’s historian and revealed, some for the first time, their experiences before, during and after the war.

Their stories tell of our nation’s involvement in Vietnam and spans the period 1964 to 1972. They served with the Navy, with the Regular Army, with the CMF and as National Servicemen. Their backgrounds varied as much as their experiences ‘in country’ during that time.

Their story is one of sacrifice and endurance, bravery and loss, good times and bad times. It reveals the environment they were forced to exist in and the role they had to play as well as the moments that range from the mundane to the terrifying.

Surviving all of this they then returned home to a nation where many people ignored or even condemned them. For most, those decades after the war were an ongoing battle to deal with the physical and mental scars.

If ever you wanted to know what the Vietnam war was like for an Australian serviceman – these men will tell you.


With a Foreword by Neville Clark MC, OAM

Introduction by the Hon Tony Smith MP

To purchase this product - go to ebay and key in title in 'search'.

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